Skandalon is a Greek word that may refer to "scandal". The word skandalon literally means "a trap" or "a stumbling-block", the metaphor being that the wrong conduct of a particular person can hinder or trip the trust of other people. What exactly is a scandal? It is a widely publicized allegation (or a number of allegations) that damages (or has the intent to damage) a person's, institution's or creed's reputation. Whether the basis of the allegations is true or not, it is still considered as a scandal. Scandals can also be based on a combination of both true and false allegations.

For some reason, people seem to have this odd need for drama and scandal -- especially when celebrities are involved. Sad as it may be, people tend to like reading about scandals and the like; they simply have to have their daily dose of celebrity scandal. Interestingly, the stream of celeb scandals going out on media doesn't seem to run out. If there's one thing that people can rely on, it would be the fact that there's always some new scandal breaking in the news – from Justin Beiber's bucket-peeing, photographer-punching antics to Charlie Sheen's much publicized drunken escapades involving drugs and prostitutes, to countless beautiful celebrities and their sex tapes, nude pictures, and their deepest, darkest secrets.

There is always something that will feed people's hunger for scandals; that hunger to know more about these famous people... Do scandals play a beneficial role in society? Why do people have such a deep interest in the lives of others behaving badly? What does it mean? Does it have grave consequences to the moral fabric of society? Whatever the answers to these questions are, one thing is for sure, celeb scandals are hella fun!